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Con Edison Development’s Project Criteria

Con Edison Development seeks ground-mounted solar and gas infrastructure projects to develop, own and operate in the United States.

The company is especially interested in evaluating projects that are in early- or mid-stage development and which would benefit from the deep resources that Con Edison Development can contribute.

In either stage, the company would conduct an overall feasibility review. For a solar project, for example, it would assess relevant agreements with the local municipality, permitting status, utility interconnect access, and environmental factors.

The effort also would compare the project to a financial model that considers potential revenue, cash flow, rebates, tax incentives, depreciation and other data.

Early-Stage Development

An evaluation of an early-stage project would encompass a project schedule and a range of site control and engineering factors, such as land and air permits, land option agreements, and whether the land had a special prior use, such as a landfill site.

Environmental factors such as the presence of wetlands and endangered species, and storm water discharge would be an integral part of the feasibility review.

Mid-Stage Development

Key factors for mid-stage development projects would include engineering, procurement and construction.

Specific features would be soil and sun-intensity tests, number of solar panels, panel technology, performance levels, tilt angles and cost.

The projects budget, interconnection and installation agreements, land lease or purchase costs, Renewable Energy Credit contract development and any power purchase agreement also would be assessed.

If your project has achieved early- or mid-stage development milestones, contact us.

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